5 K Savings Challenge

Hi everybody! As promised, I am back with a new challenge. Time to save big! Please see below a 5 K savings challenge from Paul Merriman.

If you are not ready to commit to the 5 K challenge, have a look at a 1 K savings challenge here.

As we are starting this in Week 3, we need to put away 20+35+45=100 units in your currency.

It may be tough but think about the end goal and the funds you will have at the end of the year!

Keep saving!

1K Savings Challenge

Hi everybody! It is hard to imagine that Christmas is over, all the seasonal festivities are gone, Christmas decorations are put away and some of us are already looking to spring.

I woke up to a beautiful bright morning today. Even now at almost 3 pm, the sun is bright, it feels warm and birds are singing. It is so mild that snowdrops and daffodils are in blossom! Absolutely amazing!


Sun this morning



At the beginning of the year, many of us make resolutions, choose a word of the year and start different challenges.

Today I am inviting you to a 1K Savings challenge.

Paul Merriman from AskPaul hosts this challenge on Facebook and everybody can participate. Paul is based in Ireland, so the template below, created by Paul, is in euro. I have received it in the newsletter.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use if you are not from the European Union! You can adapt in different ways.

Use your own currency. Also, it is up to you whether you would like to use a folder, envelope for this challenge, set up a different account or use the account you already have and set up a wallet within that account which you can call, for example, 1 K savings challenge. Do what works for you as it is a 52-week-long commitment and we want you to finish strong!

Now, we are in Week 3 of January, which means that we need to put away 1+2+3=6 euro (use your own currency here).

It is simple as week number corresponds to an amount you need to put away.

While, this challenge is simple it may require a few adjustments (currency, you may need to change amounts to 100, 200 and 300, for example, if one money unit will not buy you anything). Also, you need to be patient as it is a year-long challenge and committed to doing it on a weekly basis. Set up a friendly reminder on your calendar and off you go, couldn’t be easier than that!

Why will it work? I look it at this way – if I put money away it means I can’t spend it.


I am doing a different challenge and I share it with you tomorrow.


Over to you!

Let abundance flow into your purses, wallets and bank accounts.