About the Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Purse

Welcome To My Money Land!

My Story

Welcome! It’s me, the Purse. If you are like me, you would like to be full of notes and shiny coins, it will please your owner. They can do whatever they like with extra cash: become healthier, happier and wealthier! Interested? Grap a hot drink and keep reading!


My Journey

I have always been kind of flat, skinny and thin purse. My owner has a job and good with money but still struggled to afford just a few simple things for the family… She started asking herself how she could improve things. That’s when our journey together started. She decided to be happy and take better care of herself and adopt a wealthy mindset, this turned me into a plumpier and a happier purse, my contents keep growing! It is a win-win situation for us! I just love that extra weight!

Happy PurseYour Journey

Would you like to make your owner happy, healthy, wealthy and let them relax and enjoy simple things in life? They will be so grateful to you! Just imagine youself basking in the rays of glory! Why wait? No time to waste! I am going to spill my contents in front of you! To us, happy, healthy and wealthy purses! All purses (big and small, leather and non-leather) welcome!

All the best,
HHW Purse.

Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Purse