5 K Savings Challenge

Hi everybody! As promised, I am back with a new challenge. Time to save big! Please see below a 5 K savings challenge from Paul Merriman.

If you are not ready to commit to the 5 K challenge, have a look at a 1 K savings challenge here.

As we are starting this in Week 3, we need to put away 20+35+45=100 units in your currency.

It may be tough but think about the end goal and the funds you will have at the end of the year!

Keep saving!

1K Savings Challenge

Hi everybody! It is hard to imagine that Christmas is over, all the seasonal festivities are gone, Christmas decorations are put away and some of us are already looking to spring.

I woke up to a beautiful bright morning today. Even now at almost 3 pm, the sun is bright, it feels warm and birds are singing. It is so mild that snowdrops and daffodils are in blossom! Absolutely amazing!


Sun this morning



At the beginning of the year, many of us make resolutions, choose a word of the year and start different challenges.

Today I am inviting you to a 1K Savings challenge.

Paul Merriman from AskPaul hosts this challenge on Facebook and everybody can participate. Paul is based in Ireland, so the template below, created by Paul, is in euro. I have received it in the newsletter.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use if you are not from the European Union! You can adapt in different ways.

Use your own currency. Also, it is up to you whether you would like to use a folder, envelope for this challenge, set up a different account or use the account you already have and set up a wallet within that account which you can call, for example, 1 K savings challenge. Do what works for you as it is a 52-week-long commitment and we want you to finish strong!

Now, we are in Week 3 of January, which means that we need to put away 1+2+3=6 euro (use your own currency here).

It is simple as week number corresponds to an amount you need to put away.

While, this challenge is simple it may require a few adjustments (currency, you may need to change amounts to 100, 200 and 300, for example, if one money unit will not buy you anything). Also, you need to be patient as it is a year-long challenge and committed to doing it on a weekly basis. Set up a friendly reminder on your calendar and off you go, couldn’t be easier than that!

Why will it work? I look it at this way – if I put money away it means I can’t spend it.


I am doing a different challenge and I share it with you tomorrow.


Over to you!

Let abundance flow into your purses, wallets and bank accounts.

Wealthy You and Wealthy Me at WA Community! Hurry!!! Time-Sensitive Offer!


It doesn’t get better than this!!!

Hello there, my dear readers!

I am writing today to make an announcement which, I hope, will be life-changing for those who will become WA members.

It is an amazing community where we learn and grow together. Here you get all you need to start your own business or take your business online. You can read about it in detail here.

The reason I am writing to you today is to share information about the Black Friday Event.

It is time when you can obtain an annual membership for less than $1 a day!!! Guys, a takeaway coffee costs you more! Here we talk about a life-changing opportunity!

Full details of the Black Friday Event.

**Dates: November 23rd-29th

**Offer: $299 per year

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Black Friday Sale!!!

Make yourself or somebody you treasure happy!

Perfect gift for coming Christmas! It doesn’t get better than this!!!”

See you there!



Hello, HHW Purse Readers!

HHW Purse owner here. I have been a little busy. Settling in a new country and getting finances in order takes time. In the next post I will share with you how I do budgeting. Today I’d like to talk about happiness since I own a very Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Purse. Being happy, positive and content, no matter where we are in life, certainly helps in achieving our goals! Please read on!

I have always been searching for answers to questions: What is happiness? Is it possible to live a happy life? If yes, how to achieve it? We can find answers everywhere: in books, TED videos, when talking to people, going to workshops and resources are endless. Here is what I have learnt recently.

The PERMA Model

Martin Seligman developed a well-being theory. The foundation of the theory is the PERMA model. He talks about such components of well-being as:

  • positive emotions;
  • engagement;
  • positive relationships;
  • meaning and
  • achievement.

If we have all of this in life then, according to the theory, we will thrive and be happy!

Pathways to Happiness

In June this year, I attended a public seminar on happiness by Shane Martin. His areas of research are empowerment, recovery and happiness. During the seminar he shared the following qualities which may bring us happiness:

  • being here;
  • being grateful;
  • have fun;
  • have an open mind;
  • have an open heart and
  • become and stay social.

7 Life Lessons from a Dog Called Peanut

I need to explain where this came from. I have recently become a pet-parent and got a puppy. HHW Purse is very jealous at the moment. The puppy got too friendly and nearly tipped my trusty little friend apart during his playtime. The doggy brings a lot of love and sunshine into my life. Having said that, he likes to test my boundaries. When I looked up dog training methods on the Internet, Doggy Dan came up. This guy practices a positive approach to dog training. It resonates with me deeply. I truly believe in patience, positivity and practice. So, these 7 lessons were in one of his newsletters. He wrote this after his beloved dog Peanut passed away.

  • Choose carefully who you hang around with.
  • Better to be happy than right.
  • Practice unconditional love.
  • If you are calm, it will make calm those around you.
  • Master the art of patience.
  • Silence is golden.
  • Be here now and experience love.

Happy Doggy

Is It Easy To Be Happy?

I find happiness a bit tricky. On the one hand, it is considered to be an inside job, it is our personal choice, on the other hand, we need other people to be happy and experience happiness. A number of longitude studies showed that positive and meaningful relationships contribute to a happy life, life well-lived. What is interesting, one of the studies actually talked about friends who can lend you money (it may be a real test of friendship, perhaps) and an ability to establish rapport with strangers: when you talk to somebody on the daily commute to work or in a queue. It is not just about family, friends and co-workers. Even clean air, good food, amount and regularity of exercise – they turn out to be not as important as social interaction, having said that I believe in looking after yourself since young.

If we believe that we need other human beings to experience a state of happiness, then in order to be happy we need to put an effort into it.

How To Achieve Happiness?

This may be an easy or a hard question to answer. Simple things in life definitely float my boat: spending time in nature and being surronded by positive and like-minded people helps to navigate through obstacles in life.

My wildflowers

A simple gratitude exercise may be what you need to feel that tiny bit happier! There are many ways to express gratitude. You may use a gratitude journal, an application on your phone, or simply spend a few minutes on counting your blessings when you are in bed. Go beyond the obvious: health, family, friends.

You can go deeper and do “Three Blessings” exercise. In this exercise, you need to reflect on what went well and why.

Morning or evening meditation may give us a feeling of bliss as well.

Is Happiness Enough For You?

Happiness doesn’t last long. Do we need something else which will drive us forward, something which will last longer and give our life more meaning?

When I think about happy life the following words come to my mind:

  • meaningful;
  • with a purpose;
  • balanced and
  • simple.

Happiness doesn’t last long. Do we need something else which will drive us forward, something which will last longer and give our life more meaning?

Personally, I express my emotions inside, quietly. So, if and when I am happy it goes unnoticed for those around me. I don’t jump up and down with joy, but I feel a wide range of emotions. I appreciate silence, calm, balance, meaning and simplicity in life. I need to be driven, have a purpose, my life needs to have a clear direction.

Also, I am a firm believer in that we ourselves make life complicated. I feel great when I am contented, my environment (physical and digital) is not cluttered, then I can live in the moment and really focus.

Still, happiness or contentment (put your equivalent here) is a choice. Make the right one!

Let’s be positive and make ourselves available for financial success!





The Wealthy Affiliate Program Review – Why Join the Ultimate Platform of Thriving Marketing Community?


Hi there. The HHWPurse owner here. From the HHWPurse you know that it is very important to change your mindset to that of a wealthy person. Here is the story about the community which helped me do that and taught me other useful online skills.

In this post, I am going to give you my own honest opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate Program. If you are like me (skeptical, conservative, like to do your research, analyse to death, compare), you may have been interested in online marketing for quite a while but for whatever reason (life happens) haven’t taken any action (YET). I can totally relate to that. I have been sitting on this proverbial marketing fence for a few years now.

Working extremely hard led to burnout. Then I decided to learn how to work smart and started exploring different venues for creating an additional legitimate income. There are a lot of different options out there and pretty much all of them have one thing in common: you need to have a successful online presence. Sounds pretty obvious, right? Well, a few months ago I didn’t have any idea about how to create a website, for example. Now I have a couple of web babies up and running and really enjoy my online journey! I keep learning every day and I couldn’t be happier with Wealthy Affiliate. So what is Wealthy Affiliate and who stands behind it?

Wealthy Affiliate Overview and Rating

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Co-Founders: Kyle and Carson (yep, real people)

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Training Rating: 5 out of 5

Support Rating: 5 out of 5

Website Builder: 5 out of 5

WordPress Hosting: 5 out of 5

Research Tools: 5 out of 5

Price: Starter Member (free); Premium Membership ($49/month or $359/a year)

Quick Numbers

800,000+ Community Size

Members from195 Countries

Community is active 24/7/365

Average response time is 1 minute

52 live classes a year

WA helped over 217,350 members start their first business last year

34 seconds — average time to build a website

3000+Templates to choose from

99.99% — average uptime for websites

Age range of people who built websites from 8 to 97

25 Own Domains

25 Free Websites

Annual payments made to affiliates 1,000,000+

$118 average commission

10 years of experience

155 system improvements in 2017

No price increase in 12 years

My Journey with Wealthy Affiliate So Far…

I joined in November 2017.

My first website got indexed in Google just 7 days after being set up.

My content got indexed in Google 8 days after publishing.

My network of friends, trainers, helpers is over 200 people and it keeps growing daily!

Now let’s dig a bit deeper. I am going to focus on several features of Wealthy Affiliate I absolutely love and features that can be challenging but figureoutable!

Who Is It For?

In a nutshell, it is for EVERYONE!

  • Complete beginners who would like to create an online business. With Online Entrepreneur Certification you will be well-equipped with everything you need to know to start exploring the space of captivating online marketing and to create a successful online presence.


  • Business owners who have no online presence yet but ready to take their business to the next level.


  • Seasoned business owners who are already online but feel stuck and need a boost.


  • People who do not have their own business, brand but would like to get involved and learn more or promote great services and products which already exist out there. Why reinvent the wheel, hey?


  • Writers and bloggers. Wealthy Affiliate offers the unique writing platform which you will absolutely love! The websites are set up are devoted to my personal journey and trust me I do a huge amount of writing.

➡️The Wealthy Affiliate is the Place to Be if you want to turn your Passion into a Thriving Online Business and enjoy a great life online and quality life offline!

Community Spirit. Let’s Connect!

I have joined Wealthy Affiliate when I was going through some tough times and, as a result, made a lot of friends around the globe. There’s so much love, positivism, care… Everybody wants you to succeed. At WA community we share our joys and find solutions to issues together.

24/7/365 Support and Training

Support is available through different channels. There are classrooms for every topic you study, you can post your own questions and get a response immediately via Live Chat.

Training is amazing. You can learn anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. If you don’t have fast Internet and can’t watch videos, there is a detailed step by step written description of pretty much everything covered in the video. Some WA members even don’t own a laptop and use their mobile phones for training and business, they are legends!

Also, there is a number of experts who are at your beck and call for each lesson.

I am looking forward to training every single day and enjoy every minute of it! Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can get personal mentoring. I am currently a member of Super affiliates Group, another group, for example, is GoGetters.

On top of everything, there are really good weekly video tutorials. Apart from certification training, there is also dedicated Affiliate Bootcamp! You can become eligible for a trip to Las Vegas where you get to meet WA co-founders and other creative people from the industry! I’d love to see you all in Vegas!

Wanna Make Money? Follow these simple steps:

1) Choose an Interest.

2) Build a Website here.

3) Attract Visitors.

4) Earn Revenue.

Writers’ and Bloggers’ Paradise – Ultimate and Unique Writing Platform

I love writing. Every day is a story…

The Wealthy Affiliate writing platform does many things for me so I can focus on producing high quality, captivating, informative and interesting content. It keeps track of my writing and monitors my writing targets. It checks for spelling mistakes, punctuation, plagiarism, does a word count, offers free images, easy way of inserting links! There are quite a few templates to choose from. An easy way to organise your content. You can publish directly to any of your websites and you can set up several authors/users who write content as well. I can go on and on here.

Are you ready to share your story? Click here.

Her Highness, Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a completely magical keyword tool and research platform. Keywords are important for being noticed in the online world. It’s your way of saying ‘’hey, Good-looking, look at me” when you want to attract readers or potential clients, buyers. You can do your search here. Jaaxy is created by successful affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers and, in my opinion, anyone who writes (writers, bloggers).

Let’s be honest, we will need to produce the content to get online exposure and not everybody is a professional writer. Well, there is no more dramas when you have Jaaxy in your toolbox. There is an incredible number of hands on processes that are very time-consuming when it comes to your business. Keyword and competition research can now be easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Jaaxy can do so much more: manage different aspects of keywords (save keyword lists, brainstorm), help with market research! Ready to explore and discover unique keywords?

Sign up here & get 30 searches completely FREE!


Let Jaaxy do its work while you can focus on other important aspects of your business! Why reinvent the wheel? Jaaxy, your power tool!


Money, money…All the things I could do! How Much for all this beauty?

Also, there is an internal credit system. You can earn credits when you provide feedback to websites or offer training to the community, for example. You can then use these points for payment, for example, to pay for your membership or request feedback on your website. I love it!
Remember that the co-founders haven’t changed the price in 12 years. Wow, that’s certainly something to be proud of, in my book.

I did say in the beginning that I’ll give you my honest opinion of this unique platform. These are a few I’ve learnt.

Challenges at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Notifications. You may get overwhelmed with all email notifications in your inbox after you’ve just signed up. Not to worry! You can update your settings and choose what emails you’d like to get. Perhaps, you want to focus on training and/or read posts of certain members and friends…
  • Kyle, one of the co-founders. Also, it may be hard to get hold of Kyle. He will reply but it may not be as quick as you want. Remember, there is online support available 24/7 and you can get a quick response in Live Chat if you are desperate (that’s the service I use often as I want to learn quickly and keep moving).
  • Also, people from some countries are able to join as premium members only. It is done to protect the WA community from scam and fraud.

Are you ready to start your journey at Wealthy Affiliate? Wanna test-drive?➡️ Create an account here.

See you around! Let’s reach abundance together!
Life is better with Wealthy Affiliate!

Real people, real deal, real support, real success… Let’s get real about you and your business!

PS WA membership makes a great gift as well! From me to you!

About the Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Purse

Welcome To My Money Land!

My Story

Welcome! It’s me, the Purse. If you are like me, you would like to be full of notes and shiny coins, it will please your owner. They can do whatever they like with extra cash: become healthier, happier and wealthier! Interested? Grap a hot drink and keep reading!


My Journey

I have always been kind of flat, skinny and thin purse. My owner has a job and good with money but still struggled to afford just a few simple things for the family… She started asking herself how she could improve things. That’s when our journey together started. She decided to be happy and take better care of herself and adopt a wealthy mindset, this turned me into a plumpier and a happier purse, my contents keep growing! It is a win-win situation for us! I just love that extra weight!

Happy PurseYour Journey

Would you like to make your owner happy, healthy, wealthy and let them relax and enjoy simple things in life? They will be so grateful to you! Just imagine youself basking in the rays of glory! Why wait? No time to waste! I am going to spill my contents in front of you! To us, happy, healthy and wealthy purses! All purses (big and small, leather and non-leather) welcome!

All the best,
HHW Purse.

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